Middle River Volunteer Ambulance and Rescue

Over fifty years ago, on September 20, 1948, our organization was incorporated, after a small boy died awaiting an ambulance on Middle River Road. Because of this unfortunate incident, a small group of individuals combined their efforts into forming an organization to assist their community in times of need; hence, Middle River volunteer Ambulance Rescue Company Incorporated began its journey of continuous community service and public safety.Our volunteer organization began with just a handful of community members, since moving to 2000 Leland Avenue in 1958, has grown into an institution that is extensively known throughout the state of Maryland. Not only are there members of the Middle River Community, buy also members of the surrounding areas. Middle River Volunteer Ambulance Rescue Company Incorporated has evolved from that handful of individuals, into an organization consisting of well over one hundred members. There are members that are "active" (those that ride and operate the equipment), as well as "associate". Those "associate" members, most of which are husbands, wives, relatives, and friends of our active members, do not "ride" the equipment; how ever, there are an essential part of our company, helping administratively and with raising funds to provide much needed equipment and supplies to function as a non-profit volunteer facility. The equipment housed at our establishment on Leland Avenue embodies two ambulances, 1996 Horton Freightliner (525) and 1999 Horton (526), a S.V.I. Heavy Rescue on a Spartan Gladiator Chassis (523), a 1978 Snap-on-Tool Truck that has been converted into our Dive Unit (528), a twelve foot (12') Zodiac inflatable boat, along with a 1983 twenty three foot (23') Sea Ox, both of which are towed by a 1997 Ford F350 Utility Truck (529). Thus, by far, is quite an improvement from the two hundred dollar ($200.00) medic unit, purchased in 1948, with which our company was initially operated. Middle River Volunteer Ambulance Rescue Company Incorporated is vastly known for our Dive Team, which consist of nineteen (19) Swift water technicians, sixteen (16) nationally certified Divers, and two (2) Dive masters. Our renowned team runs mutual aid for Harford County, in addition to instruction various companies within the communities of Harford County, in addition to instructing various companies within the communities of Harford County in water safety. We also perform public service diving for articles that have been lost in the surrounding bodies of water. Our dive team has traveled as far north as Delta, Pennsylvania, as well as into parts of West Virginia to assist on rescue calls. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are also our focus, running over one hundred twenty-five (125) ambulance calls per month. Crews are also dispatched to stand-by details for local events and activities happening throughout the community. Since fund raising is an essential aspect of a volunteer company, we also house a large, multi-function hall, which is utilized for community functions and private affairs. Along with our hall rentals, we also hold an annual fund-drive fund-raiser (dispersed throughout the community) which generates approximately ten percent (10%) of the funds needed to operate our volunteer organization. Celebrating over fifty(50) years of community service and public safety is quite an accomplishment; one of which, we strive to continue for a least the next fifty (50) years to come.