Montrose Minute Men Inc. Emergency Medical Service

Montrose Minute Men Inc. Emergency Medical Services proudly protects 12,000 people living in an area of 320 square miles. We operate out of two stations that protect a primarily rural area. Our department is a non-profit volunteer department whose members are on a combination of paid and volunteer status.

A 80% volunteer EMS service that covers a large rural region, emergency, non-emergency and transportation service. Based out of Montrose,PA,and with a sub-station in Hallstead, Pa.our primary coverage area is comprised of 11 townships and 2 boroughs. Our substation in Hallstead provides ALS care and BLS backup to the ems services in the eastern part of Susquehanna County. Our staff is composed of 20 Pa. certified EMT's and 20 Pa. certified Paramedics. Our annual call volume exceded 2,600 calls in 2004. Besides operating our 4 ambulances we also have a wheelchair van service that we operate as well. And in August of 2005 we were named the Volunteer Ambulance Service of the Year in the state of Pennsylvania.