Paugasset Hook & Ladder Co., No. 4

Paugassett Hook & Ladder Company No. 4 proudly protects 13000 people living in an area of 5 square miles. We operate out of 1 station that protects a primarily residential area. Our department is a private department whose members are on a volunteer status.

PAUGY OWLS WE NEVER SLEEP! are celebrating their 100 year aniversary this year. Organized originally as a hose company in 1903, the Paugassett Hose Company was the first fire house located in the East Derby section of Derby since the relocation of the Hotchkiss Hose Company to the westside of town. For several years the Paugassetts operated as a hose company until the 1930's. The City of Derby disbanded the original ladder company, H. M. Bassett Hook & Ladder Company No. 3 and decided to give the Paugies the hook & ladder duties for the City of Derby. The original building was built in 1903 on Derby Avenue, long before State Route 34 was created (Which connects New Haven to Route 84 in Newtown). The old building was raized in 1975 and the present fire house was built. Since located on Route 34 and praticaly in the Center of Derby, we can respond to any call within a matter of minutes. Our company was the first hook & ladder company to own the present day hydrolic aerial ladder in the Lower Naugatuck Valley. Also we were the first to put into service a 100 foot aerial ladder in the area as well. Since then, all the other towns followed this trend. The present 1986 Pierce Arrow ladder truck, Truck 15, is the second truck to use the ladder. The ladder was originally on a 1965 Maxim truck and the ladder was built by Maxim as well. We just ordered a 2003 Pierce midship 95' aerial with a 2000GPM Hale pump and 300 gal water tank. Delivery is expected in early 2004. We also operate a 1961 US Army Surplus 4x4 jeep , designated as TAC-4. This is a multi purpose brush & attack unit. The newest addition to our fleet is SQUAD 4. This is a 1992 Horton Ambulance on a Ford diesel chasis. SQUAD 4 is utilized as a Dive Rescue vehicle for the Derby Fire Dept SCUBA team. It is also used as the RIT vehicle for the Rapid Intervention Team members from the Paugys. The SQUAD is also used as a utility vheicle carrying portable pumps, various hand tools, and portable lighting. The fire marshall's office utilizes SQUAD 4 as a support vehicle for their investigations.