West Valley Fire Rescue

The organizational design has not changed substantially in recent years. The District still serves about 125 square miles with four fire stations with a compliment of paid volunteers at each. However, the District now has five career staff employees and numerous seasonal employees who serve to support the administrative, facilities, apparatus and personnel needs essential to assure an effective, professional fire department. In 1993, Yakima County completed the urban growth plan for the area and established urban growth boundaries for the City of Yakima that extend into the more populated area of the District. Over the last several years, the City has annexed several small areas from the District’s boundary where they intermingled with the City. While two of these annexations have been officially completed and all service responsibilities transferred to the City, two others that were planned for annexation in 2001 have been cancelled due to a State Supreme Court ruling that the annexation process was not constitutional. With this historic and epic Supreme Court ruling that affects many jurisdictions and annexations throughout the State, the future growth for will be heavily impacted. It was expected by the end of 2002 that a large portion of the most populated part of the District, including Station One, would be a part of the City and assumed that annexations out to the urban growth boundary would occur rather quickly, perhaps within the next five to ten years. Now it appears that these annexations will take much longer, if at all. For these reasons, the District will need to adapt to a growing service delivery need, rather than a reduced area and workload.