Greenland Volunteer Fire Department

The Greenland Volunteer Fire Department was established by Greenland residents in 1952. The goal was to provide their small town with efficient equipment, and volunteers to help with fire emergencies. Back then, fires were called in by telephone. There were only 5 red phones, 4 in private homes, and 1 at H&H Oil Co. The fire call would come in and there was a list which went into action to call upon responders to the fire scene. There was no gear for the firefighters, and no fire station to park a truck. In 1954, the department bought a 1932 Studebaker for $125 which was handmade into a pump hose truck. In 1969, telephone communications were upgraded to radios. Greenland Fire later bought a used rescue vehicle and ambulance. Those vehicles have since been replaced by a new 2000 Ambulance and a new 2003 Utility truck. The Fire Station also houses Engines #1, #2, and Engine #3. The Greenland Fire Department has come a long way, but still would not be without the support of the town, residents and of course, the Volunteers.