Mineral Area College Fire & Rescue Academy

<?xml:namespace prefix = dme />The Fire Academy is located at the Park Hills Campus. The Activity Area includes a Residential area connected to the five story Tower. The Academy has a two room burn building, flammable liquids pit, and a HazMat area. With it's movable partitions, the Residential Area provides training opportunities found in homes. The Tower has five floors devoted to sprinkler systems, SCBA, confined space, and building construction. It is also used for Ropes and Repelling and other high angle rescue training. The Burn Building has two rooms for use of live fire activities and search and rescue. The Flammable Liquids Pit supplies an area for flammable liquid fire scenarios. The HazMat Area is designated for a variety of HazMat Operations. The Natural Gas and LP props provide an opportunity for hands on utility emergencies.

  See MACFRA website: http://www.mineralarea.edu/programsandcourses/publicsafety/DeptofPublicSafety/FireAcademyHome082908.htm