Cove Creek-Pearson Volunteer Fire Department

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Cove Creek-Pearson Volunteer Fire Department proudly protects 2500 people living in an area of 50 square miles and over 1100 homes. We operate out of 3 stations that protect a primarily rural area. Formed in the fall of 1989, Cove Creek-Pearson is the youngest fire department in Cleburne county. Our fire district stretches around the southern end of Greers Ferry Lake in north central Arkansas. After several community meetings, the Cove Creek-Pearson VFD was incorporated and the work began. While our goal has always been to provide the residents of our community with the best fire protection possible, we also wanted to work toward lowering our ISO rating to a Class 8. While very supportive, some community members and county authorities were very skeptical that we would ever be able to accomplish this. Rural departments do not have the monetary support nor the water supply to lower their ISO class, we were told. But on December 1, 2001, we were very proud to announce that we obtained an ISO Class 6 for our all of our fire district! This accomplishment also made us the first Rural volunteer fire department in Cleburne county to reduce our rating without the support of a municipality! Our department continues to grow. In December 2004 we received a $112,500 FEMA grant to purchase a new pumper truck. The truck was put into service on January 7, 2005.  In 2006 we received a FEMA grant to purchase new rescue equipment.  The department is very fortunate to have such a dedicated and talented group of individuals. If you need more information about the department please leave a voice message at 501-589-3821.