Pontiac Fire Department

The Pontiac Fire Department is an organizational and operational public safety service of the City of Pontiac. Established in 1877, the Pontiac Fire Department provides fire, rescue and emergency medical assistance for the City's 11,800 residents. In addition to providing services within the City of Pontiac limits, these same services are provided to a large rural area outside the City. This rural area is known as the Pontiac Rural Fire Protection District, with a population of 3,500. The Pontiac Fire Department provides these services as the result of a contractual agreement between the City of Pontiac and the Pontiac Rural Fire Department District. The "rural district" is comprised of all or portions of eight townships (approximately 110 square miles). The Pontiac Fire Department also routinely responds to calls for assistance from all our fire departments and districts through mutual-aid agreements. On an annual basis, the Pontiac Fire Departments responds to an average of 1,300 incidents. These incidents are made up of city fires, rural fires, city medical/rescues, rural medical/rescues and mutual-aid calls to other communities. The Pontiac Fire Department operates a vehicle apparatus fleet of 11 units: 2 - sedans, 4 - pumpers, 1 - tanker/pumper, 1 - aerial ladder/pumper, 1 - 4X4 utility truck, 1 rescue truck, and 3 rescue boats. All equipment is housed in the Public Safety Complex at 413 North Mill Street at the corner of West Howard and North Mill Streets. The Pontiac Fire Department has an authorized strength of 11 full time personnel, 13 Paid-On-Call part-time personnel and 12 Volunteer personnel. Ten of the eleven full time personnel work an average of 53 hours per week and provide coverage so that three full time personnel are on-duty at all times. The Paid-On-Call personnel are compensated by being paid an hourly rate for all hours of service. Volunteers do the same type of activities as the POC's but are not hourly employees. Volunteers are paid expenses per call rather that by hourly rates/compensation. As opening occur in the Paid-On-Call force, qualified volunteers may move up in the POC positions. All POC personnel, as a job requirement, must be State of Illinois Emergency Medical Technicians (180 hour basic course and 120 hours of training every four years to maintain the EMT status). Volunteers are not required to be EMT's. Volunteers are required to become First Responders, 40 hour medical course, during their probationary period. Volunteer EMT's will be selected first over First Responders to fill POC positions. POC and Volunteer personnel receive extensive on-going training to qualify through testing as State of Illinois certified Firefighter II level personnel. Attendance requirements for POC and Volunteer personnel are 30% of all call-outs and 50% of all required training classes, plus any other specialized training in any calender year. The Pontiac Fire Department is a semi-military public safety organization and therefore, requires major commitment and dedicatin from all its memers. The Pontiac Fire Department is a very close-knit emergency service and due to our work load, expect each member to give his/her best while a member of our team. All required items of protective clothing and radio alerting equipment is furnished by the City. All training is provieded as well. Individual(s) interested in becoming a member of the Pontiac Fire Department should be fully aware of the expected level of commitment. In addition to the 1,300 alarms per year ( more than all the other 18 fire departments in Livingston County combined) or 23 per week, there are a minimum of 3 scheduled training classes per month and 1 rescue/medical meeting per month. These 5 events will take up 5 evenings per month, not including fire/rescue calls and other special events.