Western Carteret Fire and EMS

<?xml:namespace prefix = dme />Western Carteret Fire and EMS Department is located in Cedar Point, NC in eastern North Carolina. We are a combination department with one station at this time with thirty-five members. We cover twenty-six square miles and have approximately 19,000 permanent residents; however, during the summer, our population more than doubles due to tourism. We are centrally located between Camp Lejeune, the largest amphibious base in the world, and Cherry Point Marine Corp. Air Station, the largest Marine Corp. air facility in the world. We respond mutual aid to the Bogue Auxilliary Landing Field and we are responsible for coverage while their personnel are deployed. We cover 10 miles of the intercoastal waterway and major highways that serve heavy tourist traffic. Thirty-five percent of our area is protected by fire hydrants. We provide structural and wildfire suppression, airport rescue firefighting, medical first responses, advanced life support, hazmat operational and rescue technical level services.