Roberts Park Fire Protection District

The Roberts Park Fire Protection District is located in Justice, Illinois. Roberts Park provides fire suppression, rescue, hazardous material response, and emergency medical service to over 16,000 citizens in the southwest Chicago suburbs of Hickory Hills and Justice. The district is predominantly residential with numerous apartment buildings and some small commercial businesses. As a fire protection district, Roberts Park relies mainly on property tax as a source of revenue. Currently the department operates on an annual budget of $1.8 million. The State of Illinois chartered the Roberts Park Fire Protection District in 1946. Trustees, who are appointed by each of the townships served by the district, are charged with fiscal management. The fire chief is a full-time employee who is responsible for the overall day-to-day operation of the department. Currently, Roberts Park is classified as a combination department utilizing fifteen full-time and thirty part-time members to provide service to the community. Staffed twenty-four hours a day, Roberts Park members respond to more than 2,000 calls annually. In order to provide the best protection for the citizens of the district, Roberts Park is involved in mutual aid agreements with surrounding fire departments. As part of this agreement, Roberts Park firefighters respond to fires in neighboring towns who provide the same service in return. By doing this, each department involved in the agreement realizes additional firefighters on the scene of an incident with no additional direct cost to taxpayers. The driving force behind mutual aid is life safety for the public and firefighters.