Chambersburg,PA Fire Department

Chambersburg, PA Fire Department proudly protects 18000-20000 people living in an area of 6.8 square miles. We operate out of (3) stations that protect a primarily commercial area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a combination of paid and volunteer status. The CHAMBERSBURG FIRE DEPARTMENT is located in SouthCentral PA 15 miles north of the Maryland Border and 25 miles west of historic Gettysburg. We are in Franklin County, Pennsylvania and are known as Franklin County Company # 1. We have major routes passing through and/or near us such as Route 11 and Route 30. Interstates 81, 70 & 76. The Chambersburg Fire Department is comprised of (2) borough owned stations. HEADQUARTERS STATION is located in the primarily downtown area which is paid/vol. operated. Hdq. Station houses Engine 1-2, Truck 1, Ambulance 1-8 and 1-9. Hdq. Station is also where the Chief's Office, Asst Chief's Office and Secretary are located. The second borough owned station is the McKINLEY STREET STATION which is primarily located in the southend of the borough which covers residential and a growing industrial/commercial section. McKinley Street is comprised of all volunteers and houses Engine 1-1, Engine 1-3, Engine-Tanker 20 and Fire Police Unit 1. The third station is company owned by the Franklin Fire Company # 4. This is known as the FRANKLIN STREET STATION. The Franklin's allow the borough to house an engine (Engine 1-4) with a paid operator in their station. Engine 1-4 covers primarily residential in the westend of the borough. The Franklin Fire Co. # 4 run primarily rural calls outside of the borough limits, but also provides mutual aid to the borough when called. Engine 1-2 and 1-4 are career staffed with a driver/operator. Engine 1-1 is all-volunteer. When a volunteer driver/operator is on-station at McKinley Street, the engine is placed "on-duty" with communications and will be dispatched alone on all local alarms (vehicle accidents, trash fires, car fires, fire alarms, etc). When no volunteer driver/operator is available at the station, it is listed "off-duty". Communications will then dispatch a paid engine from one of the other two stations; however, Engine 1-1 may still respond if a volunteer shows up. This ensures a unit responding immediatley when no volunteer is available. The Friendship Fire Company of Chambersburg own, maintain and operate the Engine-Tanker at McKinley Street. This ET is not affiliated with the borough and is Franklin County Company 20. For more info., check out