Navy Lakehurst Fire & Emergency Services

The Navy Lakehurst Fire & Emergency Services Division, led into action by Fire Chief Richard Strasser, proudly serves Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst with fire and emergency services as well as to the communities surrounding NAES Lakehurst. The department is composed of sixty personnel that are stationed at two stations on-board Navy Lakehurst. The Division vigilantly provides the following services with the thirty-square miles of the base as well as on a mutual aid basis to the surrounding communities: * Fire Suppression Services * Emergency Medical Services * Motor Vehicle Extrication * Fire Prevention & Education * Technical Rope Rescue * Structural Collapse Rescue * Trench Collapse Rescue * Surface Ice/Water Rescue * Wild Land Firefighting * Confined Space Rescue * Aircraft Firefighting * Aircraft Rescue * Industrial Rescue * Fire Training & Education * CPR & First Aid Training * EMS Training * Hazardous Materials Response * Weapons of Mass Destruction Response The Department is highly trained in the services provided consistently training and answering emergency calls on a daily basis. The Navy Lakehurst Fire & Emergency Services Division represents the Department of Defenses as one of the premier departments in the Federal Fire Service.