Frederic Township Fire Department

Frederic Township Fire Department of Frederic, Michigan proudly protects 1700 people living in an area of 108 square miles. We operate out of 2 station that protects a primarily rural area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a combination status. Fire Chief, 2 Lieutenants/Medic's and 1 Firefighter/Medic are full time. Supported by 6 part time Firefighter/Medic and 20 part pay Firefighters/EMT The Frederic Township Fire Department was organized on April 5th 1962 after several fires in the Frederic area. The meeting was organized by Allen Leng and Fred Dunckley, about a hundred people were at this historic meeting. A vote to have a fire department in the Frederic area was taken, and the vote was unanimous. The first fire chief of Frederic was a man by the name of Arthur Mayer, he served that post until April 1, 1965. At this time, Allen Leng was elected Fire Chief and held that position for 33 years. In 1983 a new fire department (also the current one) was constructed and dedicated to Allen Leng for his hard work, and dedication to our community. The Frederic Fire Department also provides Fire and EMS protection for Maple Forest Township just east of Frederic. We also responed to Lovells Township with Lovells Township First Responders and do their EMS transport to the Hospital.In 2000, we started our snowmobile rescue unit. In 2002, we built a 2nd station primarly to house our Ambulances, ORV Rescue, Both Snowmobile Rescue units, and our Mass Casulty unit. As of March of 2005, we upgraded 2 Ambulance to Limited Advance Life Support in 2007 we added a 3rd Ambulance (BLS) As of july 2009 we now provied ALS service's thought a conditional up grade known in Michigan as the Benett Bill.