Beverly Fire Department

Don't forget to have your childs car seat checked! Make an appointment today by e-mailing or by calling 978-922-2424. The Beverly Fire Department currently has 4 certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians.

Beverly Fire Department proudly protects 39000 people living in an area of 15.6 square miles. We operate out of 3 stations that protect a primarily residential area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a paid status.

MISSION STATEMENT The Mission of the Beverly Fire Department is to protect and to save the lives, the property, and the environment of the citizens of Beverly from the effects of fires, medical emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, and other sudden happenings. To achieve this goal, the department utilizes well-trained emergency fire suppression personnel, well-equipped fire suppression apparatus, a modern fire alarm (dispatch) office, a fire prevention bureau, and a dive-rescue team.

MAKE UP OF OUR COMMUNITY Our department responds to a variety of hazards: single family residences; multiple occupancy two, three and four story dwellings and apartment houses; condominium complexes and garden style apartment complexes; low-rise and high-rise elderly housing, low-income and assisted living centers; commercial shopping plazas; public and private schools and colleges; an older downtown commercial area; a large hospital and several nursing homes; a busy municipal airport; several motels; miles of busy waterfront with many commercial and private marine and recreational uses; a limited-access highway; large wooded areas; a large factory complex which is presently being modernized and changed into an incubator for hundreds of small businesses; several theaters; and many light to medium industrial businesses.

DEPARTMENTAL STRUCTURE The Administrative Office, Fire Alarm Office, Fire Prevention Bureau, and other support services operate from Fire Headquarters. Emergency medical training is coordinated and provided by the Emergency Medical Services Coordinator. All other firefighter training is coordinated and provided by our Training Officer. Equipment and apparatus repair and maintenance is provided by our nationally trained and certified Mechanic. The fire suppression forces operate three engine companies and one ladder company, along with several support vehicles, from three strategically located fire stations. One engine company, the ladder company, and the shift commander run from the station in the downtown area, while single engine companies run from the stations in North Beverly and in Beverly Farms.

PERSONNEL Fire suppression services are provided by a well-trained and adaptable force of 64 people, who employ modern protection, suppression, and rescue techniques and practices. All firefighters are required to successfully complete the Firefighter Training Program at the Massachusetts State Firefighting Academy. This training, coupled with comprehensive in-house basic training, provides the personnel with the skills and confidence necessary to perform as firefighters. The firefighting force is divided into four working groups, which work a rotating forty-two hour per week schedule. All firefighters ( except the fire chief ) and all dispatchers are represented by Local 1669, International Association of Firefighters, A.F. of L., C.I.O..

EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES In addition to firefighting duties, the fire suppression personnel provide emergency medical care to the public. The Fire Department joins with the Police Department and the contract emergency ambulance provider for the city in providing a three-tiered response to most medical emergencies in the city. All personnel are trained and certified as First Responders, while most are trained and certified as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's). All first line response apparatus is equipped with medical equipment and supplies to handle most regular medical emergencies. In addition, all first response fire apparatus is equipped with semi-automatic defibrillator devices which were funded from generous outside donations. These devices are instrumental in saving the lives of people having heart attacks. Also through the generous contributions of private citizens, the Beverly Fire Department now has two thermal imaging cameras which actually see by measuring the differences in temperature of objects viewed, and by displaying images of those objects by showing the differences in temperature from object to object. These devices allow trained firefighters to enter zero-visibility spaces (obscurred by smoke) and to see and to rescue people and animals who may not be able to find their way out of the building. The new cameras are also able to see hidden fire burning inside sealed spaces such as walls and ceilings of buildings. This enhances a more direct attack on this type of hidden fire. All Fire Department Dispatchers are trained and certified as Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMD's). These people are able to provide post-dispatch and pre-arrival medical intervention instructions to callers prior to the arrival of the response forces. This effectively puts trained medical help on-scene ( via telephone ) in seconds, even while the fire fighting forces are responding to the emergency to provide hands-on assistance. By having the trained dispatch personnel, the proper response equipment, and trained response personnel sent to all medical aid requests in the city, the physical quality of life of our citizens is greatly enhanced.

FIRE ALARM OFFICE The Fire Alarm Office is located at Fire Headquarters. The personnel in this office are responsible for receiving and processing all alarms and requests for assistance from the public, for dispatching the proper number and types of fire suppression personnel and apparatus to the scenes of emergency incidents, for supporting the field units in their operations, and for providing proper coverage of resources in the city for additional incidents. In addition, all other communications from the public, from other agencies, and from within the department are handled here.

BEVERLY CONTROL The Beverly Control Fire Mutual Aid Radio Coordination Program is run from the Fire Alarm Office as well. This program provides for supplementary dispatch assistance for neighboring communities suffering a major fire or emergency incident or multiple incidents which strain the local resources and require resources from other near-by communities. The assistance provided by the Beverly Control Dispatchers frees the local fire community's dispatchers from a large portion of the mutual aid radio traffic, and allows them to focus on supporting the local incident(s). The program uses 10 Alarm Running Cards to enable the efficient and orderly movement of emergency resources both to support the incident(s) in progress and to stand by for additional incidents.

FIRE PREVENTION BUREAU The Fire Prevention Office is located at Fire Headquarters and is reachable via telephone at (978) 927-2200. This office is responsible for fire code enforcement, permitting, building plans review, inspectional services, and for several fire safety programs targeting all age levels of the population. The Fire Prevention Bureau (978-927-2200)personnel display fire prevention materials and provide fire safety instructions at several annual events in the city and in the area.

DIVE-RESCUE TEAM The Fire Department supports a Dive-Rescue Team, consisting of eleven trained and certified emergency underwater divers. These men respond to water incidents to rescue victims, to assist in fire-fighting efforts, and to protect property. A well-equipped Dive-Rescue Truck is used to transport the equipment that supports the Dive Team. There are usually at least two divers on duty at any given time. The Dive-Rescue Team and the Dive-Rescue Truck are available both to the City of Beverly, and to mutual aid communities in the area.

COLOR GUARD A color guard unit has been formed by volunteer members of the fire suppression force. This smartly dressed unit participates at parades, at local affairs of state, at funerals, and at other events, providing ceremonial honor services and offically representing the Beverly Fire Department and the City of Beverly.