City of Port Orange (Fl) Department of Public Safety-Division of Fire Rescue

<?xml:namespace prefix = dme />The City of Port Orange Department of Public Safety-Division of Fire & Rescue is a full service emergency management organization and is staffed with 61 full time paid career personnel assigned to 5 neighborhood fire stations.  Division strength consists of 5 ALS Engine Companies, 1 ALS EMS Combo Transport Unit with CAFS (R-73), 1 Tatra Brush Attack Foam Tender (BAT-75), 2 Attack Brush Units (B-72 & B74) with an ATV Quick Attack Vehicle (BATV-74), 1 Specialized Operations Vehicle (SQ-72), and 1 Battalion Commander. Personnel assigned to Operations Division work on a 24/48 rotation or a 56 hour work week. Staffing complies with local automatic aid agreements with neighboring municipal fire service organizations in Southeast Volusia County. Staffing consists of ALS Engine Co. 4/3 FTEs, ALS EMS Transport Combo CAFS Unit 3/2 FTEs, Battalion Commander 1 FTE. In addition, non-staffed Command/Tactical Unit Squad 72, Brush Attack Tender 75 (TATRA), Brush Attack Units 72 & 74, and ATVB-74 (Trailered by BA-74) stand ready to be staffed by engine crews (either tandem or selective response) when called to do so.

The City of Port Orange, located just south of Daytona Beach, provides non-transport advanced life support in a 2 tier system with a county chartered ambulance transport service, special operations, and firefighting services to a community of 57,800 people (150,000+ working and visitor population M-F) covering 29.5 square miles and is expected to grow to 90,000 (given the economic trends) within the next 10 years. Operations personnel responded to 7,643 alarms in 2010 with a structural save ratio of 97% and 3% loss.  Response breakdown revealed 87% EMS, 10% Fires, and 3% Misc. calls. 

Division of Fire & Rescue administration staffing consists of 1 Deputy Director of Public Safety Fire-Rescue Division managing Operations (Chief Ken Burgman B.A. EFO), and Office of the Fire Marshal (Chief Chris Weir MBA EFO), and 1 Office Administrative Assistant.  1 Emergency Managemnt/Pub.Ed. Specialist TBD. Operations Division personnel consists of 3 Battalion Commanders who are assigned the job duties of Training, EMS, and Logistics, 15 Lieutenants, 15 Driver Engineers, and 29 Firefighter/Paramedics or Firefighter/EMTs. A regional closest unit response concept approach consisting of 5 departments covering Southeast Volusia County coordinates 13 engine houses from the partnering Cities of New Smyrna Beach (D-50), Edgewater (D-55), South Daytona (D-98) Ponce Inlet (D-78) and Port Orange (D-70). We are proud to partner with a fine group of fire/EMS professionals who put forth 100% when the need arises to assist one another.

The Division of Fire & Rescue provides cutting edge and innovative programs such as community sharps container renewal & drop off program, CPR, AED, juvenile firesetter partner, Babysitting (ages 11 and up) Certification Course, Emergency Management Ops, and other community service Pub.Ed.programs. In addition, our on-duty personnel will have lunch at their local elementary school and chat with the kids. Nothing like chicken nuggets with a side of life safety for the kids! This program has proved to be an overwhelming success and other departments are following suit. We are proud of the fine professionals employed by The City of Port Orange Department of Public Safety-Division of Fire & Rescue who are well known over the recent years for statewide award winning Fire Chief of the Year, Fire Marshal of the Year, Paramedic of the Year, EMS provider of the Year, ClinCon EMS Team of the Year and recently Public Fire and Life Safety Educator of the Year. The department's technical talent, teamwork, and expertise in numerous arenas of firefighting, EMS, Emergency Management/Homeland Security, fire codes, fire investigations, regional haz-mat/TRT, training, SWAT medics, and professional instruction from college level to fire academy courses are known and respected nationally and regionally.