Centerville Fire/Rescue

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The Centerville Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1840. The name was changed in 1996 to Centerville Fire/Rescue. We were the first Wayne County Department to offer First Responder medical service to our community. We have a Class 6 ISO rating in areas with hydrants and a Class 8 ISO rating in the remaining areas.  Under the Wayne County Dual Dispatch procedure for certain calls in the county, coming to assist us in the NE portion of our territory is Richmond and Webster. In the SE section is Richmond and Abington. The SW section brings Abington and Cambridge City. And in the NW area we receive help from Cambridge City and Greens Fork. Currently we are a member of the IVFA (Indiana Volunteer Firefighters Association) and the Wayne County Firefighters Association. We are a proud department and are continually striving to serve our community to the best of our ability. We are located near the Indiana/Ohio border along Interstate 70. CF/R consists of 25 active members, 4 reserve members and 6 auxiliary members. Population of Center Township is approximately 7,900. Our response area covers 44 square miles, with mostly residential and light commercial structures. We run both Fire and EMS calls out of one fire station.  In 2007 we responded to 413 incidents, 2008 we responded to 445 incidents, 2009 we responded to 392 incidents, and in 2010 we responded to 393 incidents.