Alexandria Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

The volunteer fire service holds a special place in the history of Alexandria. Founded in 1774, Alexandria's first volunteer fire company counts President George Washington among its earliest members.

Today, the Alexandria Fire Department employs more than 300 professional career personnel, including firefighters, paramedics, code enforcement and administrative support employees. A network of eight stations primarily protects over 15 square miles in Northern Virginia. For extensive operational and administrative information on the Alexandria Fire Department, please refer to

Today's Alexandria Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. is a non-profit organization providing the City of Alexandria with volunteer personnel, assets and resources. Trained and qualified volunteers work alongside Alexandria's career Fire Department personnel to provide firefighting, emergency medical, rehab/canteen, communications, emergency management, and administrative support services. Recognizing that volunteers donate indispensable personal time to the City, specified training programs are designed to match and maximize such time so that the long and rich history of citizen-volunteer-emergency responders in Alexandria continues. Whether it's fighting fires, providing emergency medical care, or simply helping your community when a disaster strikes, your assistance is welcomed. Information is available by e-mailing