Cheesequake Volunteer Fire Company

A History of Our Company. The Cheesequake Volunteer Fire Company was incorporated in 1926 with a membership of 20 Volunteers. The land on which house #1 now stands, was donated by William Gross, a charter member of the fire company. The first building was a 12'x 15' tin shed, which was used to house a hand drawn chemical wagon obtained from the Morgan Munitions Plant. In 1932, a building was purchased from the Crescent Sportsman Club, and moved to the site of the shed, to house the 1917 Model T fire truck, purchased from the Leonardo Fire Dept. In 1937, a 1931 Chevy fire engine was purchased from New Jersey Fire Equipment Company. This truck remained in service until 1950, when an addition was put on the building to house a new International Pumper(201). In 1959, when another 750gpm pumper (203) was ordered, a completely new firehouse was built. This was dedicated in May of 1960. In 1961 another pumper (202) was put into service, then in 1965, when a decision was made to order an 85' aerial ladder truck (204), an extension was built and the building was enlarged. In 1969, a 4 wheel drive pickup was ordered for use as a utility vehicle. This vehicle was later adapted with a slide-on-pump for use as a brush truck (206). In 1971, we acquired a 1000gpm pumper (207) and a station wagon for the Cheif's car (209). In 1976, we received our Rescue and Squad Truck, (205). The fire house on highway 516 was built in 1967 to protect the rapidly growing Lakeridge area. It remained empty due to the lack of manpower, until early in 1969, when a recruiting drive with the help of local newspapers netted us the neucleus of our fire fighting crew of "Engine Two". Station 3 opened in the late 1970's in a building that was originally a church. Due to the size and the age/condition of the building in the mid 1990's the fire company replaced the old church building with a modern, steel construction building.