Walstonburg Fire-Rescue-EMS

Walstonburg Fire-Rescue-EMS proudly protects 1600 people living in an area of 25 square miles. We operate out of 1 station that protects a primarily residential area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status.

Walstonburg Fire-Rescue-EMS was organized and chartered on November 19, 1956 when it combined with the Walstonburg Fire Department to better serve the Walstonburg community. We protect both a rural and municipal district. We are located on NC Highway 91, (409 N. Wilson St.) inside Walstonburg in the northern tip of Greene county. We currently have 40 volunteer members. Our EMS members have competed successfully all over the state and have won several awards. Our department consists of 1 engine w/1250 gpm pump, 1 engine w/1000 gpm pump, 1 tanker w/jet assist carrying 1600 gallons of water, 1 equipment truck, 1 type III ambulance, and 1 16 ft. rescue boat. We maintain AFFF foam, a compressed air refilling station, extrication equipment, generators, portable lighting, saws, thermal imaging camera, etc. We take pride in providing our community and neighbors in need with compassion and expertise whenever emergencies occur. Our community appreciates what we do and supports us in our efforts. Our current officers are as follows: Chief(Fire/EMS)-Don Holloman, Asst. Chief(Fire)-Jarrod McKeel, Asst. Chief(EMS)-Fitz McKeel, Captain(Fire)-George W. Gay, Captain(EMS)-Matthew Galloway, Lieutenant(Fire)-George A. Gay, Lieutenant(EMS)-Sandy Lahocki.