Sheridan County Rural Fire District No. 1

Sheridan County Rural Fire District No. 1 proudly protects 2256 people living in an area of 720 square miles. We operate out of 1 Central & 8 Outlying stations that protect a primarily rural area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status.

Sheridan County RFD #1 serves and protects all of Sheridan County, Kansas except for the townships of Prairie Dog, Bloomfield and Solomon. Mutual aid is always given in those areas. We operate out of 1 central station located in Hoxie, Kansas and have 8 outlying single-truck stations situated at McGraw, Studley, Tasco, Redline, Southwest, Angelus and Seguin (all in Sheridan County). The station located in Selden, Kansas currently houses a Mini-Pumper for rural brush fires and also a regular pumper to serve the town of Selden. The Selden Station is manned by members of Company No. 3 of the Sheridan County Rural Fire District No. 1. The Hoxie Station (Company No. 1) is manned by 21 well-trained volunteer professionals. Another 74 volunteers man the 7 outlying stations that house rural brush-fire units. We have an ISO rating of 4 for the City of Hoxie, Class 7 for Selden, and ratings of 9 & 10 for the remainder of Sheridan County. The Sheridan County RFD #1 was founded in 1970 and began actual operation in 1972. Its area of responsibility includes 11 townships in Sheridan County, the City of Hoxie, and the small communities of Studley, Tasco, and Seguin, Kansas. Its responsibilites include fire suppression, fire prevention, search & rescue, severe weather storm watching, and m.v.a. extrication. A new 6-bay fire station was built in Hoxie in 1994. The department has 18 fire units and a total of 95 volunteers. The Hoxie Station members meet weekly with Firefighter I & II training every other week and station & vehicle maintenance work the other weeks. Sheridan County Rural Fire District No. 1 has evolved into one of the best all-volunteer fire departments in the western half of the State of Kansas. The department prides itself with its service record. The volunteers faithfully meet weekly for well-scheduled training or truck and building maintenance work each Tuesday night. The training regimen has been the key to getting the department to the high standards it reflects today. The department also conducts a monthly training session at the Selden Station for the fire company located there. The Selden Fire Company also serves as an automatic-aid back-up for the Hoxie Station for all structure fire calls within the City of Hoxie.