Depew West End Hose Co. # 6

The Village of Depew is located just outside the city of Buffalo NY. The village lies between the towns of Cheektowaga & Lancaster. It is the largest village in Erie County & one of the largest villages in the State of New York. The Depew Fire Department is presently made up of six proud fire companies, which one of the six is the West End Hose Company. In December of 1966, a letter was received by the village board from the fire chief requesting that the village give serious consideration for a new fire station & fire company at the West end of the village due to the growing population. After several discussions within the village board, it was agreed upon to organize two fire companies with in the West end portion of the village. The nucleus of the two new companies were expected to come from the Dick Rd / George Urban section of the village. One company would utilize the 1951 GMC pumper that was recently retired by the Aetna Hose Company & the emergency truck recently purchased (1967 International Emergency truck) could be assigned to the 2nd company. In December of 1967 two concurrent meetings took place. The prospective members for the engine company met at the North side fire station & those interested in forming a ladder & rescue company met at the Southside fire station. On May 6,1968 the village board authorized the incorporation of the West End Hose Company # 6 & the Hook & Ladder Rescue Company # 7. The engine company would use the middle room at the North side fire station for use & the rescue company would use a room at the Southside fire station until permanent quarters could be built. A year later the construction of the West End fire station was completed & both companies were re-located to this station. Both companies would help protect the entire boundaries of the Village of Depew. The Ladder & Rescue Company # 7 continued to operate with the Village of Depew but was in a continuing political battle revolving around the type of fire apparatus for the company. In December of 1972 the fire chief recommended the merger of Ladder & Rescue Company # 7 into the West End Hose Co # 6. After fire company & village board meetings, it was agreed upon the Ladder & Rescue Company # 7 be dissolved & that the active members & equipment be transferred into the engine company. Presently today, the Depew West End Hose Company # 6 consists of 34 members. We currently run a 2001 American La France 750 gpm engine & a 1997 Simon/ Duplex Marion heavy rescue truck.