Thorntown / Sugar Creek Twp. Fire Dept

The Thorntown fire dept. was established in feb. 26 1891 by the town ordinance no. 39 . The Sugar creek Twp. fire dept. was formed when the township purchased a new truck in 1941 . the township still has the original truck but it has been retired from service . the groth of the dept. grew in 1957 thorntown purchased a new ford pumper and 1961 sugar creek twp. signed a contract with washington twp. to furnish fire protection and in 1961 thorntown and sugar creek twp. incorporated as a volunteer fire department . in 1965 sugar creek twp. purchased a new international pumper fire truck and in 1971 the twp. purchased a 4x4 brush truck . in 1977 thorntown got a new ford pumper tanker and in 1978 the twp. purchased a 1500 gal. tanker . at the present time the thorntown / sugar creek twp. fire dept. has 9 trucks and 24 members . the equipment is housed in a building at 401 north pearl st. which was purchased by the twp. in1969 .