Westfield Fire Department

The Westfield Washington Township Fire Department has a rich heritage of over 100 years. Before being officially incorporated in 1954 many citizens assisted and answered the call in the time of need. Dating back to 1907, a hand pulled hose cart was used to extinguish fires in the community. This magnificent piece of history is proudly displayed at the Fire Headquarters. Members of the community continued the tradition of an all-volunteer department until 1969 when the first paid firefighter was hired as Fire Chief. Area Served - The Westfield Washington Township Fire Department is proud to render aid to all of Washington Township, which is bordered by Gray, Moontown and Hinkle Roads to the East; Hamilton-Boone Countyline Road to the West; 146th Street to the South; and 216th Street to the North. This area includes the communities of Lamong, Hortonville, Jolietville, and Eagletown also the neighborhoods of Springmill Villages, Village Farms, Westfield Farms, Setters Run and Merimac. Services - The Westfield Washington Township Fire Department provides two main services; fire protection and EMS. Fire protection extends far beyond the extinguishment of fire. We provide our community with fire education, building inspections, residential home inspections (upon request only) and public relations request such as block parties and festivals. Emergency Medical Service is a large part of Westfield Washington Township Fire Department. The department is a Basic Life Support (BLS) provider and (ALS) Advanced Life Support Provider each firefighter is a trained and certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)The department also has 6 civilian paramedics. To become an EMT a firefighter must receive an intense level of training on treatment and transportation of the sick and injured. Each firefighter must continue to receive training for recertification. Each citizen and visitor of our community can have the peace of mind that when medical help is needed, they will receive the highest level of care. We encourage and welcome visitors to all the firehouses and we will be happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have.