Port Arthur Fire Department

Port Arthur Fire Department proudly protects 57755 people living in an area of 141.8 square miles. We operate out of 7 stations that protect a primarily industrial area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a paid status LARRY D. RICHARD, FIRE CHIEF 409-983-8738 JOHN AVERY, DEPUTY FIRE CHIEF 409-983-8734 The Port Arthur Fire Department consists of the following divisions: Administration, Suppression, Training, Prevention, Communications, and Maintenance. ADMINISTRATION 409-983-8740 FAX 409-983-8719 The Administrative Division consists of the Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, and the Administrative Secretary, Mrs. Carol Doty. The Division is responsible for the operation of the 104 uniformed firefighters and two secretaries including goals & objectives, policies & procedures, assigning personnel, budgeting, payroll and other essential duties and responsibilities, Administration is located at Central Fire Station. SUPPRESSION 409-982-9598 FAX 409-982-9599 The Suppression Division is headed by one (1) of the three (3) Battalion Chiefs. Each Battalion Chief, when on duty, supervises seven (7) engine companies and one (1) ladder company; each with three (3) full paid firefighters (Captain, Engineer, and Firefighter). A-Shift Battalion Chief is Patrick K. Murphy; B-Shift Battalion Chief is Charles R. Quisenberry, C-Shift Battalion Chief is Gary L. Sewell. The Suppression Battalion Chief’s are located at Station No. 1 with Engine 1 and Snorkel 1. TRAINING 409-982-9597 FAX 409-982-9571 The Training Division is headed by Wayne A. Roccaforte, the Training Battalion Chief. The Training Battalion Chief assures that all uniformed personnel receive the mandated continuing education hours for firefighter certification (20 hours annually), Hazwoper Training (8 hours annually), & Emergency Medical Training (20 hours annually). The Training Officer orientates new employees in preparation of the Lamar Institute of Technology Fire Academy in Beaumont, Texas. The Training Officer also assists in administering entrance and promotional exams given by the Civil Service Director. PREVENTION 409-983-8737 FAX 409-983-8719 The Fire Prevention Division is headed up by Mark E. Mulliner, Fire Marshal. The Division has one (1) Assistant Fire Marshal, James Powell, one (1) Fire Inspector, Mike Aguilar and one Secretary, Debra Campbell. The Fire Marshal also supervises six (6) on shift arson investigators (certified arson investigators & licensed peace officers) when initial investigations are conducted while on suppression duty. The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for arson investigation, fire code enforcement, building inspections, pre-plan reviews, public education, and investigating citizen complaints. The Fire Prevention Division is located at Central Station. COMMUNICATIONS 409-983-8668 FAX 409-983-8662 The Communications Division is headed by Mr. John Tatroe, Coordinator of Support Services. The Coordinator of Support Services is responsible for direct supervision of twenty (20) Telecommunications Officers (TCO’s). The Coordinator oversees budgeting, scheduling, hiring, and other essential duties and responsibilities. The Dispatch Center is a combined Fire and Police Communications Center with E911 capabilities and is located next door to Central Fire Station. MAINTENANCE 409-983-8535 FAX 409-983-8540 The Maintenance Division is headed by Mr. Tom Kestranek, Shop Superintendent. The Shop Superintendent is responsible for maintaining Thirty-Two (32) pieces of Fire Apparatus and vehicles (see Apparatus). The Maintenance Shop is located at 103 H. O. Mills Boulevard. MISSION STATEMENT - The mission statement of the Port Arthur Fire Department is to help make Port Arthur a safe place, where all want to live, work and play. In furtherance of this mission we will: * Be responsive in fulfilling our responsibilities of public safety for all citizens and co-workers during all emergencies caused by fire and other life threatening situations; including medical assistance calls, water rescue, high angle rescue, hazardous materials response, and other useful services as desired by the citizens when money, time and personnel will allow. * Be efficient in the delivery of fire prevention and fire suppression activities for all citizens against the loss of life and property caused by fire and other life threatening emergencies, including the fiscal responsibility of maintaining our facilities and equipment. * Be professional in our daily conduct of all fire department activities including citizen assistance, fire code enforcement, arson investigation, public education, and in the treatment of traumatized citizens who have been devastated by fire or other life threatening emergencies. PORT ARTHUR FIRE DEPARTMENT CHAPLIN: Reverend Peter Miller - Pager Number 409-720-5973 (CISD Certified) DEPARTMENT OVERVIEW The Fire Department has Civil Service, Collective Bargaining, and Binding Arbitration rights with an active Union, IAFF Local 397. The Port Arthur Fire Department is usually very busy each year in all aspects of the fire service including fire suppression, hazardous materials response, emergency medical responses, arson investigations, capital improvements, homeland security, grants management and fire prevention. The Fire Department responds to just over 6,000 calls for service. There are approximately 150 total structure fires each year. In past history there was an average of 2 to 4 fire deaths each year with as many as 10 in one year. In recent history fire deaths are averaging 0-2 (NO FIRE DEATHS IN 2001 – see activities in 2001). There are approximately 20 arson arrests with an average 26% case clearance rate each year on arson. The National average for case clearance on arsons per year is 15%. As a registered First Responder Department with the Texas Department of Health the Fire Department responds to approximately 4,300 emergency medical calls. The department is making great strides in providing quality first on scene emergency medical assistance by providing continuing education for ECA and EMT certifications for nearly all fire fighters. The Department has a contract with the City's Health Director to include duties as the Medical Director of the Fire Department. The department has also placed Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) on each of its pumpers. The Bureau of Fire prevention gives approximately 60 fire prevention programs to an audience of over 5000 citizens. The Bureau inspects approximately 300 businesses each year. The Bureau of Fire Prevention distributes Community Development Block Grant smoke detectors to low-to-moderate income households protecting Port Arthur residents. Finally the Bureau operates under the 1997 edition of the Southern Standard Fire Prevention Code.