West Parry Sound Health Centre Ambulance Service

We are an Ambulance Service that covers 3500 square miles of the province of Ontario, We currently have 4 stations staffed with approx. 45 people most of whom are full time. We are expanding to 7 stations soon. We run 10 vehicles most of which are type 3 modular Fords, We are a self dipatched centre that also dispatches two different Fire Departments, one department has two stations, the other has four districts, but has five halls. The Ambulance Service provides some ALS services but not full paramedic level, because the province controls the level of service available to each area. The Service also works very closely with the various Fire Departments, by providing training and equipment to the FD. The Fire Departments in the area have automatic defib and are certified in First Aid and CPR, some of the departments also have had additional training from the Ambulance Service in Patient Care and Treatment.