Morning Star Fire Department

Morning Star Fire Department Inc. proudly protects 14000 people living in an area of about 120 square miles. We operate out of 4 stations that protect a primarily rural area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status.

The Morning Star Fire Department was started in late 1976, by a few individuals who wanted to see fire protection provided in East and Southeastern Garland County. The first truck, designated Company 1, was a 1976 FMC 1000 GPM pumper. Company 1 was housed at the Arky House warehouse, on Arkansas Hwy 70 East during the first days of the department, until a fire station could be built. Today the MSFD responds from 4 stations with a fleet of 15 vehicles. Dispatching Methods: The Morning Star Fire Department is dispatched by Garland County "Control 3", and Hot Spring County "Central". Control 3 is staffed by Certified Emergency Dispatchers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; These dispatchers are Nationally Certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers and Nationally Certified Fire Dispatchers. Free services are provided by LIFENET EMS Inc., the EMS provider of Garland County. Control 3 is directly interfaced with the Garland County Sheriffs Office, Hot Springs Police, and Fire Departments, and Hot Springs Village Department of Public Safety. Central is staffed by 2 full time and a third part time dispatcher. Central provides dispatch to fire, EMS, and law enforcement for all of Hot Spring County. We have Mutual Aid agreements with 11 other fire departments in Garland County and 3 in Hot Spring County. The MSFD has an automatic aid agreement with Malvern Fire Department for fire calls in the Jones Mill Industrial Complex, and Magnet Cove Fire Department for structure fires in Northeastern Hot Spring County. MSFD Alarm Number:MSFDAlarmNumber