Eldredsville Volunteer Fire Company

The Eldredsville Volunteer Fire Company, EVFC, was founded in 1982 by a small dedicated group of local residents. Through the years they worked together to build a garage type building and a brush truck. The building was on a member’s property and it sold with his house due to bankruptcy. The company barely managed to make it through the rough times, due to the lack of money and members. In the 1990's the company finally started to increase its status. As more members became active and funds rose, and a temporary bay in a barn was built to house the fire truck. In 2002 a used tanker was purchased. In 2003 we received a $98,000 grant for a new brush truck/EMS response vehicle. We also just purchased a used pumper/tanker vehicle. We have built our new station which is 54'X 64' and are now housing our apperatus.To date we have collected about $45,000. We also received approx. $19,800.00 in grants. We have many new and previous members. Altogether we have over 25 active members. Many are properly trained in fire suppression, EMS, and fire police activities. Our department serves Elkland Township of Sullivan County, which is situated on a ridge approximately 600 to 1000 feet higher in elevation than neighboring mutual aid departments. Surrounding departments are hampered by long distances and steep rural roads, especially in winter. We thank all who have contributed to the company, and we will gladly be "Answering the call at the top of the hill," for many years to come.