Camp Atterbury F.D. Indiana Army N.G.

The Camp Atterbury Fire Dept was established in 1942 during W.W.II, when the base was being built. At that time there were 6 fire stations, consisting of 105 personnel to cover 44,000 acres. Over the years the Camp Atterbury Fire Service has changed drastically. As the area at Atterbury grew smaller, so did the Fire Dept. Currently there is one fire station, and 3 fulltime personnel & 6 parttime to cover 33,500 acres. We work from 07:30 a.m. to 07:30a.m. 24/48. We cover a broad area in the fire and emergeny services spectrum, to include the following: Airport Firefighting, Structural Firefighting, Hazardous Materials, Emergency Medical Services, Wildland Firefighting, Building Inspections, Hot Work Permits, Confined Space entry Permits, Search and Rescue, & Vehicle rescue. We are the only Army Fire Dept in the state of Indiana, that is composed of actual soldiers.