Thornapple Township Emergency Services

Thornapple Township Emergency Services proudly provides fire-rescue and ALS transport response to 12000 people living in an area of 108 square miles. We operate out of two stations that protect a primarily rural area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a combination of full time and paid on call status.

Our service area consists of Thornapple, Yankee Springs, and Irving townships for ambulance coverage. The fire protection district consists of Thornapple and Yankee Springs townships, and 1/3 of Irving Township. Our service area is located 25 minutes south of Grand Rapids. The area we serve is rapidly changing from a rural farming community to a primarily residential suburb of Grand Rapids, and is expected to be on the fringe of densely-populated urban development by 2010. The area is abundant with recreational lakes, state parks, and forest. TTES is responsible for protecting two major employers in the area, Bradford White and Metaldyne. In 1975, total requests for service was 153. In 1998, this number was 794. In 2003, TTES answered 1003 calls. In 2008, we answered 1253 calls. TTES is also involved in public education providing CPR classes to the community and continuing education to area EMS providers.