Tiawah Fire Department


*****************"Nothing Is Stronger Than The Heart Of A Volunteer" *****************

The current members of the Tiawah Fire Department have designed and began using a new uniform patch. Within the design, they have paid honor to those men and women before us as represented by the "smokeater" on the left center of our patch. The firefighter on the right is representative of our pride of who we are today and where we are going. A firehose encircles and connects the traditions and honor of yesteryear with our current and future firefighters.

-------------------------*Tiawah Fire Department-Proudly Serving Since 1964* ------------------------

Tiawah Fire Department proudly protects 3000 people living in an area of 56 square miles. We protect primarily rural area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status. Tiawah Fire Department currently holds an I.S.O. Class 6 rating.

Tiawah Fire Department is a total volunteer fire department that is funded by membership dues, donations, and our annual fish fry.

********************** 9/11/01 - WE WILL NEVER FORGET - 343 *********************