La Habra Heights Volunteer Fire Department

<?xml:namespace prefix = dme />La Habra Heights, located just 25 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles, is a picturesque community comprised of hillside estates, grasslands, oak woodlands, avocado and citrus groves, riding trails, and panoramic views. Parcels are large, minimum one-acre lots, with a combination of residential, agricultural, and open space areas. The narrow, winding roads and virtually non-existent sewer and storm drain system enhance the rural nature of the community. The Heights incorporated in 1978 in an effort to preserve our entirely residential, rural atmosphere. The community consists of 6.2 square miles and 5,712 residents. Volunteerism is alive in the Heights with residents staffing the 60+ year old Fire Department and working to preserve the unique scenic beauty and wildlife through several community organizations. Demographically, the community is well educated, mid-to-upper income, and politically conservative. Citizen participation in the City planning and governmental processes is very high, founded largely on a strong sense of community identification. Fire Chief's Message: In partnership with the community, the La Habra Heights Fire Department pledges to achieve the highest degree of public safety services with a continuing commitment to competency, education, and integrity, while maintaining a progressive vision to the future. Gary Dominguez Fire Chief Fire Suppression: The 35 captains, 48 paramedics and 65 volunteer firefighters of the Fire Department proudly serve the City of La Habra Heights citizens and visitors by responding to approximately 500 calls for service annually. The majority of emergency responses, approximately 85%, are for medical emergencies, including incidents of heart attacks, strokes, automobile accidents, sudden illnesses, and pediatric emergencies. In addition to medical emergencies, firefighters respond to approximately 75 fire incidents annually. On a daily basis, firefighters staff two engines, one paramedic rescue squad, and one command unit. Each day up to 12 highly trained and qualified personnel provide around-the-clock protection for the 6700+ people who live or travel through the City. Paramedics: On January 1st, 2005, New Years Day, La Habra Heights Fire Department welcomed their very own paramedics. The paramedics reported for duty bright and early at 06:00 in the morning excited and eager to serve the residents of La Habra Heights. This has been a drastic improvement and change that the City's own fire department now can provide paramedic services. This means faster response times and transport times in various kinds of emergencies. After a vigorous selection process, the Fire Chief appointed 45 paramedics; two of the 24 will be on duty every day from this day on. On occasions there will be three paramedics on duty due to training exercises. The paramedics will be joining the fire service training program so they can respond on dual functions as paramedic/firefighter and provide the city with exceptional services. Paramedic Squad 741 with two paramedics will be dispatched on every call along with a fire engine and an American Medical Response, AMR, ambulance. Fire Prevention Message: The La Habra Heights Fire Department is actively involved in Fire Prevention and Community Enhancement within the City. The Staff conducts plans reviews for all new and remodeled construction in the City, inspects buildings, inspects properties and coordinates fire company inspections. The Fire Prevention Office coordinates closely with the City's Building and Planning Departments as well as allied agencies such as the State Fire Marshal's Office, Animal Control, and Department of Fish and Game. All shifts also conduct routine fire code inspections and issue notices to correct fire hazards. VEGETATION MANAGEMENT IS A YEAR ROUND RESPONSIBILITY