Forest Hill Volunteer Fire Department

To the men standing in the circle, this was a dream come true; the result of many, many hours of work, miles of walking and knocking on doors; meetings, discussions, and more meetings. The object of their admiration was a brand new Mack 405A Fire Truck, all shiny red and chrome and completely equipped; just arrived by special messengers from the factory in Allentown, PA. They were there in the parking lot of Mineral Springs High School in late June of 1953 to receive instructions from a factory representative in operating this beautiful nd highly complicated piece of equipment. The Forest Hill Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1953 under the guidance of the Forest Hill Civic Club. It all began at a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Civic Club on June 14, 1951. Charter Members of the Department on February, 1953 were B. E. Dockery, Kermit Alspaugh, Frederick D. Moore, W. Elbert Randleman, R. V. Bennett, A. G. Carmichael, Clarence E. Conner, Sam M. Willeford, Jack D. Walton, Claude J. Goin, Harold H. Garner, R. Edward Flynt, B. H. Hartmen, Ralph C. Masencup, Cecil H. Childress, J. F. Fitzgerald, James C. Lawson, Henry H. Chapman, R. R. Holder, Sr., J. A. Fair, John W. Collins, A. E. Spillman, C. C. Frye and D. P. McInnis. Added to Roster July, 1953 were Ben Johnson, D. R. Holder, J. R. Wilkinson, W. E. Butner, D. A. Haigwood , Thomas L. Kanoy, E. J. Kirby. Added to Roster, June and July, 1953 were D. S. Kallam, W. F. Henderson, A. H. Whiteheart, C. C. Cox, W. J. Tilley, Bill Beckerdite, Charlie E. Porter, Edwin T. Smith, K. E. Martin, F. R. Smith and C. A. Vannoy. The Department operated for fifty-three years until most of the fire protection district was annexed by the City of Winston-Salem. Through the efforts of our Board of Directors and Fire Marshal Reed Jarvis we negotiated with Forsyth County to let us enter into a limited operational agreement with the South Stokes Volunteer Fire Department. As a result we were able to help build a substation in the Germanton area to serve portions of Stokes and Forsyth Counties. The substation opened for business in November, 2007. A dedication and open house was held for the Forest Hill Station on October 19, 2008. Approximately 100 guests attended; Everette Padgett gave the keynote address; McRay Greene, Jr. presided. Our Winston-Salem Station will be maintained by the Forest Hill Civic Club as an Historical Fire Museum. Our vintage fire apparatus and fire equipment will be on display at this location including two 1953 Mack Pumpers, 1972 Howe Pumper, 1967 Mack Pumper, 1962 Willys Jeep and 1973 Squad Vehicle. All Forest Hill members as of June 30, 2006 will remain at their current rank in perpetuity. THERE IS A COMPLETE LIST OF MEMORIALS FOR FOREST HILL VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT IN THE NEWS SECTION.  All emergency calls received after the South Stokes merger on June 30, 2006 and other compllations will be recorded by the South Stokes Volunteer Fire Department. John Conrad, our last charter member, passed away in 2007.  John was the chief engineer on the major B. F. Huntley Furniture Company Fire in 1957.  Our Department and the Griffith Volunteer Fire Department assisted the City of Winston-Salem on this call.  Our pumper was on the scene pumping for two days; Chief Dixon praised the volunteer units saying they were of tremendous help in bringing the fire under contol.  One fatality was suffered in the incident.