Jefferson County Fire District # 3

Jefferson County Fire District # 3 proudly protects 1000 people living in an area of 34 square miles. We operate out of one station that protects a primarily rural area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status. A young dept. formed in 1984(and went into service Jan. 1 1985) because the neighboring township fire depts. did not want to cover the area anymore. The total amount of calls for '85 were 13. At the time the dept. only responded to fire calls and for major vehicle accidents on U.S. 24 & U.S. 59 highways. The dept. did not go through many changes until 1993 when the dept. purchased a set of Phoenix rescue tools along with a set of high pressure low-lift air bags. The dept. purchased these items because of the growing severity of auto accidents in the response area. In 1995 the winds of change began to blow again through the dept. when it was decided that there was a great enough need to form an EMS first responder unit to assist Jefferson County Ambulance Service in Rural and Kentucky Township, the town of Perry, and the southern part of Perry Lake. in '95 the total number of fire and heavy rescue calls totalled 35. The EMS program went online April 11, 1996 with 2 EMT's, a first responder(that was enrolled in an EMT class) and a FF that was also enrolled in the same class. When 1996 drew to a close the dept. had ran 132 total calls with 91 medical calls. (quite a change from '86!) Since 1996 we have seen a steady increase of calls with a growing percentage of them being EMS calls. Due to this factor we have increased our EMS roster considerably. We now have 2 Paramedics, 5 EMT-I's, 9 EMT's,2 First Responders, an EMT-I/RN and a RN. We have a total roster of 31. Jefferson COunty Fire District # 3 is located in Northeast Kansas in the southeast part of Jefferson County. Lawrence is app. 8 miles to the SE and Topeka is app. 20 miles to the west. U.S. 24 and U.S. 59 are the two major highways in the township with the intersection of them just north of the station. Also a major line of the Union Pacific Rail Road crosses the southern portion of Rural Township. The area is mainly agricultural but the area is experiencing a rapid growth of homes due to people moving out of the cities and into the surrounding countryside.