Maumelle Fire Department

The Maumelle Fire Department was created December 20, 2004 by an act of the Maumelle City Council.

Ordinance 540 officially abolished the Department of Public Safety and the position of Public Safety Director. In its place, it created separate fire and police departments, each with their own chief.

Maumelle utilized a Department of Public Safety to provide fire, EMS and law enforcement services since before its incorporation as a city in 1985. Until recently, the department maintained a small staff in the fire division while relying heavily on public safety officers -- police officers cross-trained as firefighters -- for fire suppression and EMS duties.

In Feb. 2004, Maumelle residents passed the city's first-ever sales tax. Revenue from the tax allowed the fire division to expand to 12 career firefighters -- three times as many personnel than were employed just three years prior.

Today, the Maumelle Fire Department operates from one station with a fire chief, a division chief, 21 career firefighters and 9 volunteer firefighters. To meet the needs of the growing city, a new fire department headquarters is under construction and plans are being made to replace the Millwood Circle station with a new facility in the southern half of the city.