Yantic Fire Engine Company #1

Yantic Fire Engine Company #1 proudly protects 20.000 people living in an area of 9.5 square miles. We operate out of one stations that protect a primarily residential area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status.

During the year the Yantic Fire Engine Company #1, hosts several fire prevention programs throughout our fire district. We visit all schools, pre-school to sixth grade, all elderly housing, And any industrial plants that requests us for a training session. Once a year we hold a fire awareness day at the local mall with the area fire departments and ambulance Company. Display's of fire, rescue equipment and fire prevention literature for all to view and or take home. This event is free to the Public. The Yantic Fire Engine Company #1 was established on July 14,1847 by and act of the Connecticut General Assembly. We are a company filled with a proud History with fire service and a strong commitment to the future. We cover a combination district such as residential, commercial, industrial and rural area's, in doing so we respond to any type of emergency ranging from a minor medical to a major Haz-mat. The Department responds with 3 engines, 1 Rescue, 1 Service, 1 Boat, and 1 Haz-Mat Trailer to any request for Aid.