Cetronia Volunteer Fire Department

Cetronia Fire Department, Lehigh County Station 3 is one of three stations protecting South Whtiehall Twp., a suburb of Allentown, PA. Cetronia is the ladder company for South Whitehall housing the new Smeal 100' Platform. Cetronia runs two engines and a squad truck in addition to the aerial piece. Woodlawn, Station 32, is the township HazMat response and cascade unit provider. Woodlawn also responds with one engine, a 2500 gallon tanker and a squad truck and also has a full complement of aerial qualified personnel to support Tower 331 at any township incident. The third staion in South Whitehall is Greenawalds, Station 11. Greenawalds is the township rescue company responding the medium township rescue truck to all dwelling and structure fires as well to all motor vehicle and speciality rescues. Greenawalds also houses two engines and a 1500 gallon tanker. All three departments are 100% volunteer, though township Public Works employees who are themselves firefighters in the township respond on an as needed basis to daytime alarms. There is no township chief, but each station chief, or highest ranking responding officer for each district is designated the "Incident Commander" upon arrival at the reported incident. All three stations are fully subsudized by South Whitehall Twp., allowing the firefighters to concentrate on training and response to the over 500 incidents per year in the township and not loosing energy to fund raising activities.