Jefferson Hills Area Ambulance Association

Jefferson Hills Area Ambulance is an organization operated by a mixture of volunteer and paid staff covering rural and urban areas with the larger area being rural. We operate two 24 hour crews, a 24 hour supervisor and a ten hour daylight crew. All crews are ALS staffed. In addition two wheelchair coaches are staffed during daylight hours. Two additional ALS units can be staffed as needed. The chief operating officer is the Director of Operations Douglas Pascoe. The DO is assisted by two full time Operations Supervisors, a full time Administration Supervisor, a volunteer Medical Coordinator and a Training Coordinator The operations are overseen by a volunteer executive board led by the President Linda Carlson. Jefferson Hills Area Ambulance started operations with a single all volunteer crew on January 1, 1976 as The Boro of Jefferson Ambulance Association serving Jefferson Boro residents. Since that time we have gone through a name change in keeping with the borough name change and has grown considerably. Today the ambulance service provides pre-hospital emergency care and non-emergency transportation to the residents and visitors of Jefferson Hills Borough, West Elizabeth Borough, Forward Township and Union Township in Washington County. Our Forward Township coverage is in cooperation with Forward Township Volunteer Fire Department EMS.