Auburn Fire Division

Auburn Fire Division proudly protects a full-time population of 50000 people living in an area of 55 square miles. We operate out of 5 stations that protect a primarily residential area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a paid status.

Our department provides fire suppression and prevention services as well as first response emergency medical services for the citizens of Auburn. We also extend our services to Auburn University, which has a large impact on our call volume. We have an extensive fire prevention and education program which has proven itself to be highly effective through recent years in reducing fire damage throughout the city. We operate under the department of public safety, and our personnel work a standard 24/48 shift. Our department has a very unique program which employs Auburn University and surrounding community college students as fire fighters. This Student Fire Fighter program allows students to undergo all the necessary training required by the Alabama State Fire College for certification. After graduating from recruit training, the students are placed on a shift, which does not hinder their class attendance, and carry out normal basic fire fighter duties while attending college classes during their off time. The students are required to maintain a 2.0 gpa in school and are reimbursed for their tuition if their gpa is above a 2.5. The students are also allowed to live rent-free at any of our newer fire stations with private sleeping quarters. This program provides younger, more physically fit, and eager to learn employees. In the program's eighteen years, it has proven to be an effective and cost efficient means of providing well-trained fire fighters to the citizens of Auburn. Applications for the Student Firefighter Program are accepted year-round with the hiring process in the spring (usually April)and recruit training during the summer.