West Oneonta Fire Department, NY

West Oneonta Fire Department,Inc. proudly protects 1300 people living in an area of 9 square miles. We operate out of 1 station that protects a primarily rural area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status.

Formed in 1953. The West Oneonta Fire Department covers approx. 1/3 of the Town of Oneonta. Our coverage area is mostly rural, but we do have part of the Pony Farm Industrial Park in our protection as well as 2 miles of Interstate 88. Also there are 2 main gas transmission lines for natural gas (NYSEG) and propane gas (Texas-Eastern) w/ distribution station in our jurisdiction. On our western border is 3 miles of 345kv Marcy-South transmission lines. We have a wholesale fuel dealer located in the center of the hamlet which has on hand approx. 150,000 gallons of petroleum products as a hazard. We have 5 churches in our jurisdiction, which 1 is the oldest Baptist Church in the Town, it just celebrated its 190 th anniversary in October 1997. We currently have 35 members which approx 25 are extremely active while the others offer their help at the station in the line of support. We recently started a First Response Unit after 8 yrs with out a squad. At the present time we have 4 CFR's, 8 EMT's. We have 4 members that completed a 96 hour course sponsored by the NYS OFPC called Training 2000. The course is geared toward the NFPA FireFighter Training Standards. The 4 are of the first 20 people in NYS to participate in this pilot program. It is hoped that this shall replace our current essentials program in the near future. We presently have 2 members enrolled in Paramedic Program. Completion dates are Summer of 2000. We were the first department in the county to utilize 5 LDH. We first purchased the hose in 1983. Many people thought we were crazy, but since have changed their minds. In 1992 we ordered an onboard class A foam unit on our new unit due to arrive in the Summer of 1993. Alot of people were not convinced that it was worth having but they are slowly changing their minds. The truck committee has ordered the new tanker/pumper. It is a 2003 international/KME 2000 gal/500 gpm pto. pictures will be posted when we take delivery in august 2003. The replacement for the rescue truck will then be sent to bid for the used rescue/pumper. We also are looking at having a municipal water system in our hamlet in 4-5 yrs. This is part of the towns comprehensive plan. If the plan is initiated the majority of the districts ISO rating should drop to 5. As there is only a small portion which is rated at 5 at the present time. We initiated in June of 1995 the use of the Knox Box System. The first 2 boxes were installed at the newly erected town hall. Since then it's been a hard time trying to convince businesses to purchase the boxes. We are slowly getting them to install them. We belief that they are superior to having a ring of keys bouncing around in the glove compartment of the trucks. We are currently looking into installing Knox Sentra-Lock system in the future. On january 20,2001 we took delivery of our new Thermal Imaging Camera. We chose the FireOptic made by ICC of Utica,NY. We are the first volunteer department in Otsego County to have a camera. We have trained with factory reps and are continuing to do so with 2 neighboring departments. This will prove to be an asset to our department and our neighbors. Our E-Mail address is woneontafd@stny.rr.com