Lyford Fire/Rescue

Lyford Volunteer Fire Department proudly protects 1000 people living in an area of 50 square miles. We operate out of 1 station that protects a primarily rural area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status.

Our department serves the southern part of Parke County, IN. We serve with 21 active firefighters, 5 EMT-B, 2 EMT-A, 2 EMT-P and 8 First Responders. We have two major highways that run through our district US 41 and IN 163. About 70% of our runs are rescue related. It is very important for our department to have well trained medical personel because the ambulance service that we depend on is 15 miles away.About 15% of our runs are mutal aids. We work hand and hand with all of our neighboring fire deptpartments. In our area we only have five fire hydrants so we really depend on the Rosedale and Montezuma Fire Departments for tankers in the event of a large fire. The remaining 15% of the runs are our own fire that range from field and woods fire to structure fires. We also have a brush truck there are only four brush trucks in all of Parke County and in southern Vermillion County, so during the dry months of the year our brush units stay very busy. No matter what be the type of emergency the goal for the Lyford Fire/Rescue is always the same. To sucessfully and safely minimize the loss of personal safety, property, and pride. All officers are trained to a minimum of fire officer I, NFA safety officer and Indiana EMS commision 1st Responder.

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