NAS New Orleans Federal Fire dept.

The NAS New Orleans Federal Fire and Emergency Services are located on Clandar Air Field in Belle chase LA. Just south of the city of New Orleans. We currently operate out of one station; however our second station is currently being built and will be complete sometime in November. We currently have 17 pieces of equipment. 2 Class A pumpers, 1 50' telesquirt, 3 T-1500 ARFF vehicles, 1 command vehicle, 1 heavy rescue, 2 BLS ambulances, and several other support vehicles along with numerous trailers. We staff 2 Engine Co's, 2 ARFF Co's, 1 Ambulance and 1 command vehicle every day with a minimum of 15 personnel on duty. We have a total of 42 members and they are represented by the IAFF Local F-189. With in the next year we will be getting a new engine and a new ladder. We protect primarily the Naval Air Station and all its tenant commands; however we also assist the neiboring jurisdictions with an extensive mutual aid agreement. Our motto as with all Federal DOD fire depts. is "DEFENDING THOSE WHO DEFEND AMERICA".