Sansom Park Department of Fire and Rescue Services

Originally established in 1949 Sansom Park Fire Rescue proudly protects Approx 4500 citizens living in an area of 2 square miles. We operate out of 1 station that protects a primarily residential area. We also cover an unincorperated portion of Tarrant County where we protect Approx 200 residents and several businesses. Our department is a public department whose members are on a paid/on-call and part-time status. We currently have 27 active members. Our department averages 800 calls per year. We operate under automatic aid agreements with the cities of Westworth Village, River Oaks, and Lake Worth. Our County Station designation is #25. ////////// Our Mission and Values Statement: ////////// Sansom Park Fire/Rescue believes our value to the community will be measured in the type and quality of services that we provide; therefore we exist to meet the needs created by a wide variety of crisis situations that demand quick, efficient, and professional emergency response. We are dedicated to providing quality professional services to those who live, work, invest, or visit our community with professional, trained and competent personnel. To provide general public assistance and lend aid where and when emergency events manifest themselves, within the limitations of our resources. Limit the degree of human suffering in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible and maintain a relationship with other outside agencies, so as to be able to give or receive reciprocal support to accomplish mitigation of any emergency while striving to promote the safety, health, and welfare of our members and return them safely to their families.