Northport Veterans Affairs Fire Department

Northport Veterans Affairs Fire Department proudly protects 7000 people living in an area of 2 square miles. We operate out of 1 station that protects a primarily commercial area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a paid status.

We are a Federal Fire Department that proudly serves and protects the Northport VA Medical Center on Long Island in Suffolk County. (FYI--Long Island, with a population over 3 million, is proudly protected by an outstanding volunteer force of 20,000. There are 2 towns on Long Island that have a handful of paid members. The only other Departments with paid Firefighters are 2 airports, Brookhaven National Lab and the Northport VAFD.) We have 15 members (4 Officers and 11 Firefighters). Members work a 24/48 shift. The Department averages 800-1000 runs a year (we do not handle EMS runs on station). In addition to fire supression and rescue duties, the Fire Department personnel provide other emergency and non-emergency services to the Medical Center. These include monthly fire and safety inspections of all buildings on station(This is a large base with many buildings). Included in this is the maintenance and inspection of all fire extinguishers and fire protection devices (sprinklers, smoke detectors, standpipes, etc.). The Department also conducts all required fire drills and is also responsible for providing fire and safety training for all employees at the Medical Center. The Department also responds to confined space rescues and stand-bys, hazardous material incidents and technical rescues. Nortport VAFD--Protecting those who protected U.S.! GOD BLESS FIREFIGHTERS EVERYWHERE...AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!!