Menard Volunteer Fire Department

Menard Volunteer Fire Department proudly protects 2360 people living in an area of 902 square miles. We operate out of 1 station that protects a primarily rural area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status.

Menard Volunteer Fire Department is a small rural fire department providing fire suppression/rescue to an area covering 902 square miles. This compares to an area nearly half the size of the state of Delaware. In 1926, a loosely knit group called the Fire Boys had just about ceased to exist. For years, the volunteers had been holding boxing matches, carnivals, and minstral shows to fund the fire fighing equipment. A series of detrimental fires that burned several businesses in town quickly caught the attention of city and county officials. A concern over the lack of adequate fire protection spread throughout the entire town. In 1927, the city voted to purchase a 1927 Seagraves fire truck capable of pumping 400 gallons per minute. The fire department was organized in early February of 1927 with 23 firemen. Shorly after receiving the Seagraves fire truck it helped save the school in February of 1927. The Menard Volunteer Fire Department quickly extinguished the fire in 3 1/2 minutes.