HOWE Volunteer Fire Department

We are a small rural fire department located 55 miles North of Dallas and 10 miles South of Sherman, TX. Our district is approximately 69.8 square miles in size. Based on the 2000 census, we serve over 2,500 people within our jurisdiction. Howe Volunteer Fire Department currently has 13 active members. These are dedicated men and women that are giving there time to the community and are still active in full time jobs and family lives. Howe Volunteer Fire Department members meet every Tuesday from 7-9 pm and our business meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at the fire station. We are certified by the Texas Department of Health as a "First Responder Organization". As "First Responders," when you call 911, Howe Volunteer Fire Department responds to medical emergencies along with emergency MICU. We have a state ISO rating of 6 inside the city. Outside the city limits is a 6/9, meaning citizens within 5 miles of station is a class 6 and citizens over 5 miles from the station is a class 9.