Lower Kiski Ambulance Service Inc.

Lower Kiski Ambulance Service proudly protects 18500 people living in an area of 58 square miles. We operate out of two stations that protect an area consisting of residential, commercial, and industrial components. Our department is a public department whose members are a combination of career and volunteer.

Lower Kiski Ambulance Service Inc. is a non-profit EMS agency that serves the following communities in Armstrong and Westmoreland Counties: Allegheny Twp., Gilpin Twp., Leechburg, West Leechburg, and Hyde Park. We have some of the most dedicated employees and volunteers that have culmanated into one of the most patient care orienteted agencies in the commonwealth. Lower Kiski Ambulance has proudly been serving the Kiski Valley since 1971, and continues to expand it's services. We are liscensed by the Pa. Dept of Health to provide ALS and BLS Ambulances, as well as a Paramedic response unit. We have a four wheel drive medic unit available to respond into austere environments and during incliment weather. We also provided non emergent clinical transport with skilled personnell via our clinical transport unit. Our current projects include the prospect of a search team to locate patients who have become lost or confused utilizing search technologies and Misha our search certified K9 member.