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Cherokee County Fire Station 21

Posted: Wednesday, February 2, 2005 - 11:08:42 PM
Updated: Wednesday, February 2, 2005 - 11:08:42 PM


Phone: 770-479-0494

Fire Station 21 in Cherokee County Georgia is the Special Operations Station for the Counties Hazardous Materials Team. We are a part of the Georgia Mutual Aid Group "G.M.A.G." and also have responsibility of being a regional response team. Our main responsibility is Haz-Mat Response however we are also tasked with the following duties as a manpower Squad: -Response to all confirmed Working Fires in our County -Response to all large wildland fires or fires with urban interface in our County. -Response to all M.V.A. with entrapment within our County -Response to all Technical Rescue incidents within our County. Our Response Apparatus at Station includes: -(Engine 21) a 2000 American LaFrance Metropolitan Pumper/Tanker -(Truck 21) a 2001 F-350 4 door Dually with Extend-A-Bed for Quick Response. -(Haz-Mat 1) a F-350 Dually and 35' Trailer with our Equipment Cache. -(Chemical 21) a one of a kind Ford F-800 on an all wheel drive Marmon & Harrington Chassis which has the ability to discharge Purple K Agent,low,medium and high expansion foam. -(Foam Unit 21) a Chevy 2500 with trailer which carries 2 Industrial Totes of Universal Gold Foam with many related foam application appliances.Trailer also has a T.F.T. Gladiator Master Stream device with 3-3" intakes plumbed into it and the capability to pump foam concentrate to remote area's for extinguishment. -(Battalion 2) a 2004 Explorer for the on duty Battalion Chief.
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