Howell County Rural Fire Protection District #1

Howell County Rural Fire Protection District #1 proudly protects 9280 people living in an area of 186 square miles. We operate out of Two stations that protect a primarily rural area. We are a paid per call Department. West Plains is in south central Missouri approx. 20 miles north of the Arkansas line. We have 25 Fire Fighters on the roster. Of them 14 are FF-1 certified and 4 are FF-2 certified. We have 1 EMT and 9 First Responders.We have 7 junior firefighters in our Junior Firefighter program.We are proud to say that our department is 99.5% Hazmat Awareness state certified. We currently have 10 that are Hazmat Operations State Certified and 2 that are Technician Level State Certified. Our goal for the next year is to be 100% Awareness and Operations Level State Certified. Our primary responsability is Fire,Rescue and Search and rescue. Our motto is to protect lives and property in that order.