Nimishillen Twp Fire Department proudly protects 10000 people living in an area of 36 square miles. We operate out of 2 stations that protect a primarily residential area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a combination of paid and volunteer status.

Our department has a daystaffof at least 1 fire/medic and 2 fire/emt personnel on shift from 5am to 5pm. Daystaff will respond on all calls in the township w/volunteer crews coming to assist. All daystaff members are members of our roster and run as active members of our dept. 54.2% of all of our emergencies occur during 5am to 5pm, with 32.9% of the calls between 5pm to 11pm and 12.9% between 11pm and 5am. The department will soon add a 5pm to 11pm shift, to assist in the run volume during those hours.