Cashtown Community Fire Dept.

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The Cashtown Community Fire Department is a 100% volunteer fire department that serves an approximate 33 square mile area in western Adams County, Pennsylvania. This area gives us the fifth largest first due response district in the county. We operate out of one station and have an ISO rating of 9.

Cashtown Community Fire Department protects about 1300 residences in its first due area consisting of portions of Franklin, Highland, and Hamiltonban Townships with fire, rescue, extrication, haz-mat, and medical services.

Cashtown does not operate an ambulance service, but does maintain a Quick Response Team (QRT) that responds to medical emergencies to assist the patient until the closest ambulance arrives from one of the three ambulance companies that cover various areas of Cashtown's first due area. These ambulance companies are Fairfield, Gettysburg and Biglerville. Medic 28, the first due Medic Unit responds from the Gettysburg Hospital on ALS calls, as well.